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 D e c e m b e r

Chris has been named 'Most Outstanding Film Music Composer' in Acquisition International Magazine Excellence Awards 2016.

Contemporary pianist and composer, Lola Perrin (of Markson Pianos and Significantus) has interviewed Chris for the Markson Pianos blog as part of their musicians' series.

The View From Markson Pianos: #54 Christopher Barnett: Film Composer.

 O c t o b e r

Chris has composed additional music for the feature film, Beside These Walls for writter/director Jules Bishop, (Borrowed Time which, incidently is currently playing on BBC iPlayer). The film is an experimental project about mental/emotional introversion.

He has also composed additional music as well as the opening and closing titles for upcoming Channel 4 TV documentary, 'The Modern British Slave Trade'.

 A u g u s t

Chris has been named 'Best Film Music Composer - UK' & 'Best Original Score for a Documentary: The First Film (2015)' in TMT News Media Awards 2016.

The 2016 Media Awards recognise the exemplary work done by individuals and businesses across this expansive and ever-evolving industry.' 

Media has played a pivotal role in the way the world conducts business for many years. From marketing agencies to PR firms, we are looking for firms or individuals operating in the media industry that have excelled in the past year, working to provide the best possible service to their clients. Geography and business size are not factors the programme takes into account: instead we are focusing on firms with the drive and dedication to succeed and a focus on providing client satisfaction.

The 2016 Media Awards are based purely on merit and achievements, for this reason we aim to recognise and emphasise the key players who have transformed the way the world visualises, interprets and conceives across a variety of platforms. Through our rigorous and meticulous process, the deserving winners will receive the centre-stage and plaudits that they undeniably deserve.

Over the past few decades, an emergence in digitalised platforms has boosted the way individuals, companies and firms create, communicate and strive in the ever-evolving world of media.
 M a r c h

Chris has become a member of BAFTA Crew Film & TV 2016.

BAFTA Crew Members gain access to exclusive masterclasses, round tables and events with BAFTA members, winners & nominees. These events will be held across the United Kingdom throughout 2016.

Here is the full 2016 particpants list published in Screen Daily.



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