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 d e c e m b e r

Chris has been profiled in the 35th Anniversary Edition of The Business of Film Magazine Online.

"My warmest appreciation and congratulations to Elspeth Tavares and The Business of Film for 35 years of innovation as well as mapping our film industry by pin-pointing the many creatives and entrepreneurs in front of the camera and behind the scenes. An outstanding milestone has been reached. Thank you for your wonderful articles and insights."  

" I would like to take this unique opportunity within 'The International Village of Indepents' to THANK the Partners, Directors and Producers I have had the privilege to work with: ..." Christopher Barnett.

s e p t e m b e r

Chris attended the Bridge Film Fest  in Mitrovica, Kosovo as a member of the feature film jury. The city has experienced a long history of conflict and even today is divided, Serbians in the north, Albanian Kosovans in the south, by the river which flows through its centre. The bridge which spans the river and blocked at its centre, is also a metaphor for reuniting the city and relations between the two nations.

He has been busy during the summer rehearsing and performing with the UFO Steelband. The Orchestra has played at the Notting Hill Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday amongst other venues.

He has also composed a piece for Amnesty International's campaign for women's rights. Info

In July Chris spent a day at Air Lyndhurst Studios supporting his friend and colleague, composer Frank Ilfman, in recording his score for the feature film, Abulele.

m a y
The First Film has been nominated for Best Documentary at Edinburgh International Film Festival, screening on the 23rd and 25th June.Some early feedback on the score:

"... The music is beautiful... " Amma Asante (writer/director: Belle).

"... The artistry and skill of a film composer has never been more apparent to me than working at this present time with Chris Barnett... He has the patience of a saint ... Yet what he has created delights me and makes me cry." David Nicholas Wilkinson - (director/producer: The First Film).

"Chris Barnett is a very fine composer" Phil Davis (actor/director).

"A visible labor of love for director Wilkinson, The First Film is aided by a visually engaging and even playful style throughout; a charmingly whimsical score by Christopher Barnett intrinsic to this..." Van Connor (Onscreen Film Magazine). Link

a p r i l

Chris has signed a music publishing agreement with Air Edel & Associates.

Established 45 years ago, Air-Edel is one of the world's leading music companies, representing composers, arrangers, music editors and supervisors world-wide.The company has offices based in LA and central London (including recording studios with picture sync facilities).' 

"I'm delighted to be working with Maggie (Rodford) and everyone else at Air Edel. She is someone I have a great deal of admiration for and the company holds an illustrious reputation in the world of film and tv." 


j a n u a r y

  Chris will be recording with Afunja Music (African Funk Jazz) this year. The group is made up of singer/songwriter/bassist Afolabi Lipede and music director/guitarist Mark Christopher and Chris will be playing keyboards on the forthcoming album and in concerts.



"I'm really excited to be working with 'Flame' (Afolabe) and Mark. I've known them both for some time now, they are both dear friends. Mark and I played jazz together in a couple of line-ups during our university days and I have fond memories. As well as being a talented musician and songwriter, Flame also designed my very first website over 10 years ago!" 


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