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n o v Stag Night Of The Dead has won the Best Film and Best Actor (for Sebastian Street) Awards at the Newport Film Festival, a nice way to commemorate the passing of Jeff Rudom, 'Mr. Ree' in the film, RIP. Congratulations to everyone involved.Stag Night Of The Dead will be the closing film at the Newport Film Festival, Saturday 12th November 8pm.


o c t  Monk3ys has won the Best Microbudget Feature Award at this year's Raindance Film Festival! Congratulations to writer/director/producer/performer Drew Cullingham and the rest of the team. Monk3ys: interview with producers, Drew Cullingham, Jonnie Hurn & Paul Hills on YouTube.  



s e p t  Stag Night Of The Dead DVD Release Date: Stag Night of the Dead will be released on DVD and iTunes in the UK January 6th and discussions are under way for a release in the US later in the year. A brand new teaser trailer for Stag Night of the Dead will also be released shortly. Stay tuned to the blog post at stagnightofthedead.com/blog/ with details of where you can see it as soon as it’s online.Monk3ys has been nominated for the Best Micro Budget Feature Award at this year's Raindance Film Festival. The world premiere will be held for the festival in early October.  


a u g  Drew Cullingham... (on Facebook)... "mercifully I'm not quite sick of Monk3ys yet... just had my ears treated to the wonderful sound work by JD Evans, including the superb score by Chris Barnett ... is the world ready for Monk3ys??"Light Productions ... (on Facebook)..."I am Light Productions, and I approve of this ...composer... If you're in need for amazing music from your film, look no further. Christopher Barnett approaches scoring with a depth I've never encountered before." Chris has completed, Monk3ys, which is in the final stages of post-production. Now working hard on Welcome To The Majority for Castle Valley Films!


j u l  Chris is currently working on music for the psychological thriller, Monk3ys, directed by Drew Cullingham.


m a y  Chris' work in Anglesey Road has been showcased during the Cannes Film Festival by The Business of Film Daily Publication under Talent: The Film Score. Castle Valley Films has released the trailer for their debut feature film Welcome To The Majority which they will be screening in Cannes during this year's film festival. Chris leaves for Cannes on the 13th May. Chris has completed the final score for The Eight Piece, (retitled name of the feature film 'K'), starring Colin Salmon and Tamer Hassan.


a p r  Chris has completed music for the US based, Light Productions, putting together a teaser trailer for a feature film project. Trailer to be released in May and details of the future film project to follow.   He has also composed a new theme for the LA based award ceremony, TheWIFTS which has blossomed since it's debut in 2008 and his new version is a symphonic suite for full orchestra.


m a r  Stag Night Of The Dead: has won a 3RD ANNUAL DEAD LETTER AWARD for Best Online Release.


j a n Screen Daily Article on 'Welcome To The Majority... (my next film with Russell Owen & Helen Alexander of Castle Valley Films)... screendaily.com (subscriber material only). Stag Night Of The Dead: review..."The score and popular music used were well done, with the contemporary music used in just the right spots to enhance the presentation..."