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Chris has scored the feature-length, political documentary, 'Postcards from the 48%'.
The documentary features interviews with actress Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2), Sir Bob Geldoff (musician and Live Aid organiser), Alastair Campbell (New Labour political aide), Baroness Joan Bakewell (journalist), Sir Nick Clegg (former leader of the Lib Dem Party), Sir Vince Cable (current leader of the Lib Dem Party) and A.C Grayling (author/philosopher), amongst others.
He recently spoke to music undergraduates of London College of Creative Media (LCCM) about his film scoring work.
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Chris has scored the action, feature documentary, 'All The Wild Horses,' about the world's longest and most dangerous horse race held in Mongolia.
Chris has completed the score for The Sound, a short film starring Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones), Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil: Retribution), directed by Antony Petrou (We Are Monster), produced by Gina Powell (Brotherhood). Sound, foley and music were mixed at Twickenham Studios London.
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Contemporary pianist and composer, Lola Perrin (of Markson Pianos and Significantus) has interviewed Chris for the Markson Pianos blog as part of their musicians' series. Read:- 'The View From Markson Pianos: #54 Christopher Barnett: Film Composer.'
“30 years ago I was working as a mechanical engineering technician. I’d done a four-year apprenticeship straight out of school. Our company built power stations and also raised the Tudor ship Mary Rose. I’d go to recording studios in the evenings to work as a ‘tape op’; I really wanted to become a recording engineer. I decided to learn the piano..."
Chris has composed additional music for the feature film, Besides These Walls for writer/director Jules Bishop. The film is an experimental project about mental/emotional introversion. He has also composed titles alongside additional music for the Arrow Media/Channel 4 TV documentary, 'Modern British Slavery'.
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Chris has been profiled in the 35th Anniversary Edition of The Business of Film Magazine Online. Read
Chris juried the feature film award at the Bridge Film Fest in Mitrovica, Kosovo. The city has experienced a long history of conflict and even today is divided, Serbians in the north, Albanian Kosovans in the south, by the river which flows through its centre. The bridge which spans the river and blocked at its centre, is also a metaphor for reuniting the city and relations between the two nations.
Chris has composed music for Amnesty International's campaign for women's rights. Read:
Chris has scored 'The First Film' a feature-length documentary for Guerilla Docs about the life and work of Louis Le Prince, a Frenchman and the first person to capture moving images via camera in the late 1880s, before disappearing mysteriously without trace. The director is David Nicholas Wilkinson.
The documentary was nominated for Best Documentary Feature Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival.
"A visible labor of love for director Wilkinson, The First Film is aided by a visually engaging and even playful style throughout; a charmingly whimsical score by Christopher Barnett intrinsic to this..." Van Connor (Onscreen Film Magazine). Read:
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Best of Fest: - Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013.
"Complete with a brooding, gentle score which compliments the film well." Hey U Guys Read:
"Christopher Barnett's score for the film is also the perfect compliment for the film's story. Understated and twinkling like a children's music box, it almost feels like it mirrors the child-like mind of Kevin who's inadvertently found himself in this precarious position." So So Gay Magazine