Screen Credits. [selected]   
(2018)  Postcards from the 48%. (Documentary)  David Wilkinson | Guerilla Docs.
  A.B. (Animation)  Antony Petrou | 11 Little Films.
  The Sound. (Short)  Antony Petrou | Unstoppable Entertainment.
(2017)  All The Wild Horses. (Documentary)  Ivo Marloh | Martilo Pictures.
  Modern British Slavery. (Documentary)  Janice Sutherland | Arrow Media.
  Besides These Walls. (Feature)  Jules Bishop | Dazedream Films.
(2015)  Scarecrow's Last Dance. (Short)  Michael Mitchell | Light Productions.
  The First Film. (Documentary)  David Wilkinson | Guerilla Docs.
(2013)  The Paintbrush. (Short)  Shiona Penrake | Nic Penrake & Associates.
  Welcome to the Majority. (Feature)  Russell Owen | Castle Valley Films.
(2012)   Borrowed Time. (Feature) Jules Bishop | Parkville Pictures.
  Black Smoke Rising. (Feature)  Drew Cullingham | Monk3ys Ink Films.
(2011)  Monk3ys. (Feature)  Drew Cullingham | Elephant Features.
(2010)  Stag Night of the Dead. (Feature)  Neil Jones | Zomball Films.
  Qen bir beni. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2009)  Anglesey Road. (Short)  Russell Owen | Castle Valley Films.
  K. (Feature) Don Allen | All Enquiries Productions.
  Not In Our Name. (Documentary)  Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim.
  Shanghai Bound. (Documentary short)  Simon James | Shatterproof Productions.
(2008)  Shooting Jill. (Short)  Iain Maclain | Kruel Pictures.
(2007)   Last Summer. (Feature) Yan Xiang | Oriental Dragon.
  Three Minute Moments. (Feature)  Don Allen | All Enquiries Productions.
(2005)  A Cock and Bull Story. (Feature)  Michael Winterbottom | Revolution Films.
  Sheer Coincidence. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
  To Be or Not To Be 1244. (Short)  Valon Jakupaj | Gegnia Films.
  Menelik I. (Short)  Mari Ellingson | Clapham South Productions.
(2004)  First Date. (Short)  Joe Gough | All Enquiries Productions.
  Radio Sounds. (Short)  Hassani Shapi | Movie Real Productions.
(2003)  Bedtime Story. (Stage)  Vasant Nath/Pandava Productions.
(2002)  Varsja. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
  Fallen Gentleman. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2001)  Aventurat e Babadimnit. (Feature)  Valon Jakupaj | Gegnia Films.
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(2016)  The View From Markson Pianos: #54 Christopher Barnett: Film Composer. Read  Markson Pianos Blog.
  The First Film Documentary Review. Read  Onscreen Film Magazine.
(2015)  The Business of Film 35th Anniversary Edition: Christopher Barnett. Read  The Business of Film.
(2013)  Borrowed Time Movie Review. Read Hey U Guys.
(2008)  The Magic of Music That Underpins & Lifts A Film. Read The Business of Film.