(2016)  Most Outstanding Film Music Composer  AI Excellence.
(2016)  Best Film Composer - UK  TMT Media.
(2016)  Best Original Score in a Documentary: The First Film [2015]  TMT Media.
(2000)  LCM prize for composition  London College of Music.
Film/TV. [selected]   
(2018)  Postcards from the 48%. (Documentary)  David Wilkinson | Guerilla Docs.
(2018)  The Sound. (Short)  Antony Petrou | Unstoppable Entertainment.
(2017)  All The Wild Horses. (Documentary)  Ivo Marloh | Martilo Pictures.
(2017)  Modern British Slavery. (Documentary)  Janice Sutherland | Arrow Media.
(2017)  Besides These Walls.  Jules Bishop | Dazedream Films.
(2015)  Scarecrow's Last Dance. (Short)  Michael Mitchell | Light Productions.
(2015)  The First Film. (Documentary)  David Wilkinson | Guerilla Docs.
(2013)  The Paintbrush. (Short)  Shiona Penrake | Nic Penrake & Associates.
(2013)  Welcome to the Majority.  Russell Owen | Castle Valley Films.
(2012)   Borrowed Time. Jules Bishop | Parkville Pictures.
(2012)  Black Smoke Rising.  Drew Cullingham | Monk3ys Ink Films.
(2011)  Monk3ys.  Drew Cullingham | Elephant Features.
(2010)  Stag Night of the Dead.  Neil Jones | Zomball Films.
(2010)  Qen bir beni. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2009)  Anglesey Road. (Short)  Russell Owen | Castle Valley Films.
(2009)  K. Don Allen | All Enquiries Productions.
(2009)  Not In Our Name. (Documentary)  Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim.
(2009)  Shanghai Bound. (Documentary short)  Simon James | Shatterproof Productions.
(2008)  Shooting Jill. (Short)  Iain Maclain | Kruel Pictures.
(2007)   Last Summer. Yan Xiang | Oriental Dragon.
(2007)  Three Minute Moments.  Don Allen | All Enquiries Productions.
(2005)  A Cock and Bull Story.  Michael Winterbottom | Revolution Films.
(2005)  Sheer Coincidence. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2005)  To Be or Not To Be 1244. (Short)  Valon Jakupaj | Gegnia Films.
(2005)  Menelik I. (Short)  Mari Ellingson | Clapham South Productions.
(2004)  First Date. (Short)  Joe Gough | All Enquiries Productions.
(2004)  Radio Sounds. (Short)  Hassani Shapi | Movie Real Productions.
(2002)  Varsja. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2002)  Fallen Gentleman. (Short)  Astrit Hykaj.
(2001)  Aventurat e Babadimnit.  Valon Jakupaj | Gegnia Films.
Music Department.
(2015)  Abulele.  Jonathan Geva | Spiro Films.
(2013)  Blasted. (Short)  Elsa O'Toole | We Can Films.
Bedtime Story (2003).
Music for the theatre production performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003: Written by Kiran Nagarkar and directed by Vasant Nath, this play is based on The Mahabarata and banned in India over 17 years. 
(2007)  Water.  For Pno.
(2006)  Lebanon, (Larmes Pour Bayrout). For Pno & Flt.
(2001)  NN Requiem.  For Vln. Vla, Clo, Bss & Perc.
(2000)  Winds & Changes.  For Synths & Flts.
(2000)  The Bad Seed.  For Vln. Vla, Clo, Flt, Clt & Pno.
(2000)   What Makes Flying So Difficult? For Vln. Vla, Clo, Flt, Clt, Bsn, Trp, Trb Hrp & Perc.
(1999)  Goodbye Jill.  For Vln. Vla, Clo, Bss, Pno, Hrp & Voices (Sop, Alt, Ten & Bss).
(1998)  The Souls of Black Folks.  For Vln. Vla, Clo, Bss, Sitar & Brass.
(1997)  Ode to a Princess (Published: LCM 2001/2016).  For Pno.
(1996)  Solaris Fugue.  For String Quartet.


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