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  • borrowedtime_header

    "...very exciting hearing your score through the sound system at 5A. So much cinema in the music (if you know what I mean), it adds a really sophisticated new layer to the storytelling." Olivier Kaempfer, producer

  • Chris Barnett

    "Chris Barnett is a very fine composer." Phil Davis, actor | Borrowed Time.

  • VA Borrowed Time Review

    View Auckland Film Review | Borrowed Time.

  • HeyUGuys Borrowed Time Review

    HeyUGuys Film Review | Borrowed Time.

  • The First Film

    "The music is beautiful." Amma Asante, director.

  • David Nicholas

    David Nicholas Wilkinson, director/producer | The First Film.

  • Fantastic

    "Fantastic!" ... Colin Salmon, actor | K.  [©Richard Unger]


  • sounds fricking great

    "sounds fricking great! ... I love the anarchy of the second half ... it's like a f%!*@? up carnival... nice." Drew Cullingham, director.

  • Not In Our Name 2

    "You have given the film a real boost because your music 'Lebanon' is really poignant and evocative... such a moving piece! It's brilliant.." Phil Maxwell & Hazuan Hashim, filmmakers | Not In Our Name.

  • Chris I really love

    "Chris I really love the music of the logo, Thank you." Elspeth Tavares, producer | The WIFTS.

  • A Cock & Bull Story
  • Night of the Dead
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